7 Other Sea Creatures to “Question” before Eating

7 Other Sea Creatures to “Question” before Eating

We get pretty revved up around here about asking people to question their shrimp. Today we take a moment to expand our awareness of other seafood that merit the same pause for a variety of reasons. The Statesmen Journal posted an article that lists the top 8 seafood choices (imported shrimp is among them) that consumers should reconsider before eating.

The quick and dirty list is as follows, but I recommend checking out Victor Panichkul’s original article so you can learn how to ask the right questions to arrive at a better option. Once you’re armed with the ‘why’ you can be ready to adapt if the stock becomes restored or the sourcing methods evolve.

  1. Farmed Atlantic Salmon
  2. Imported Shrimp
  3. Imported Basa or Swai, often labeled “Catfish”
  4. Squid (Calamari), imported from India, Thailand, or China
  5. Imported Big Eye Tuna (commonly sold as Ahi)
  6. Atlantic Cod and Pacific Cod imported from Russia or Japan
  7. Blue Crab imported from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam or the Phillipines
  8. Imported Crawfish

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