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Your Consumer Choices DO Make A Difference!!

Everything you buy has a story behind it, and now you know that tropical farmed shrimp’s story is a story of environmental and human destruction.


Actions that you can take NOW:

Stop eating tropical farmed shrimp!

Donate to the cause!

We are a grassroots nonprofit organization and depend on your contributions. Every $25 secure donation helps us reach another 100 people!

Consider joining our monthly sustainer program, which enables us to more effectively achieve our goals and serve communities facing the destruction of their livelihood.

Donate Now

Volunteer to help!

  • Join our team of volunteers. We need people with all kinds of skills, such as writing, website development, social networking, graphic design, research, theater, music, and public speaking.
  • We also host students doing internships, practicum, and capstone projects. If you are interested, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

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