Resources for Chefs and Retailers

Resources for Chefs and Retailers

Shrimp is the #1 consumed seafood in the United States. It is estimated that 75-80% of the imported farmed shrimp consumed in the United States is consumed in restaurants. The restaurant business is notoriously competitive with usually thin profit margins, and so asking a restauranteur to change what is likely one of their most popular and lucrative menu items may appear to be a Goliath-sized challenge.

There is a growing movement of concerned consumers and restauranteurs alike calling for truly sustainable seafood. While the availability of high-quality, sustainable seafood is increasing, it can still be difficult to know what that means. A terrific resource designed specifically for chefs is available from Seafood Watch: A Complete Recommendation List.

While we agree with most of the recommendations, we would ask chefs to consider Selva Shrimp only a “good alternative” at best. Seafood Watch itself recognizes that this certification does not protect mangroves, but based on their overall ranking system this drawback is not identifiable unless on reads the entire review of Selva Shrimp (which we have, so you don’t have to!).

Make changes to your menu today

Want to distinguish your company as an environmentally responsible business and meet growing customer demand for sustainable foods? Become a Seafood Watch Business Partner! Learn more about the benefits of the Business Partner program and how you can get started today: Business Partner Training Module

But what about our suppliers?

Great question! You really want to purchase and serve sustainable seafood, but what if your suppliers don’t have any available? You can work with your suppliers to help them make the change to sustainable seafood as well. Take the Seafood Watch Training Module: Working with Suppliers!