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Don’t Stop Pushing for Higher Standards

Don’t Stop Pushing for Higher Standards

By Fiona McGregor

A recent article in TakePart asked whether shrimp can really be sustainable, but the perspective was largely from that of the consumer, the western, and the developed. What about the people whose livelihoods are lost because of shrimp farming? What about the impact on the environment? What about overconsumption?
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Seafood Watch grants a questionable “Best Choice” rating to Selva Shrimp®

Seafood Watch grants a questionable “Best Choice” rating to Selva Shrimp®

Consumers in the global North have been calling for seafood certifications so that they might be able to make conscious decisions about the food they eat, where it comes from, how it is produced, and the impact of production on people and the environment. Although seafood at the supermarket may proudly display labels from the Monterey Bay Aquarium or the Marine Stewardship Council, certifying something, most consumers do not know what that certification really means. Worse still, that certification scheme, that label, may not reflect what consumers are after: seafood that is produced with minimal impact on the environment; that supports workers and their livelihoods; and that is safe and wholesome to eat. Continue reading

Love Eating Prawns? Think Twice Before Biting Into One!

Love eating prawns? You’ll go right off them after we tell you what THEY are fed on

  • ‘I’ll never eat a king prawn again’ says Wickens after seeing Thai prawn trade
  • The environment is left devastated and polluted by unscrupulous trawlers
  • Trafficked labourers from Burma and Cambodia work in appalling conditions


Open Letter of Protest Against Shrimp Certification by WWF


April 24, 2012

Dear ShAD/GSC members,

After careful and considered reflection on the draft standards and the whole WWF-ShAD (Shrimp Aquaculture Dialogue) process, we the undersigned Conscientious Objectors — NGOs working with local communities in the shrimp producer-nations and consumers in the shrimp-importing nations — have unanimously decided that we cannot support the ShAD General Steering Committee (ShAD/GSC) and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) intentions or actions towards establishing standards for shrimp aquaculture certification. Many others who have added their names and organizational affiliations to our list have also joined us in our protest.