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Countering the Blue Revolution

Countering the Blue Revolution

By Alfredo Quarto, Mangrove Action Project


Today, there is a blue revolution in our midst, driven by immense profit potential, but resulting in furthering terrible environmental losses and human suffering. To counter this “revolution,” a worldwide movement is building against the production and sale of farmed shrimp. Though there are an array of would-be certifiers who claim their particular standard setting process addresses the multitude of problems created by the shrimp aquaculture industry, none of these really suffice in meeting their stated objectives, and so unsustainable shrimp farming continues to expand its destructive course. Continue reading

Grinding Nemo

The High Costs of Fish Meal Is Not Reflected In the Price of Farmed Fish or Shrimp!

From Swedish Society for Nature Conservation:
“… farming species that depend on wild fish based feed such as salmon and shrimps can never be part of the solution to the fisheries crisis or to food security, says Mikael Karlsson….”

Check out this new video from the Ecologist: Grinding Nemo- Why tropical prawns should be blacklisted

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