Recommended Restaurants & Retailers

Recommended Restaurants & Retailers

The Question Your Shrimp Campaign is focused on driving change in restaurants because more shrimp is consumed in restaurants than at home. We are proud to announce that 28 local chefs and 2 retail outlets have taken the following formal pledge to avoid imported shrimp! 

I pledge to take an active role in eliminating the threats of unsustainably farmed tropical shrimp. I will aim to only source shrimp that contributes to a healthy environment, respects coastal communities, and supports human health. I pledge to:

  • Understand if the shrimp I source for my restaurant is sustainable
  • Choose to source wild or farmed shrimp ONLY if it comes from the U.S. or Canada
  • Avoid sourcing imported shrimp

Go out and celebrate these amazing chefs/restaurants and retail outlets for taking this active step toward stopping the imports of unsustainable shrimp!

MAP is thrilled to have added the following chefs and restaurants in 2014:

Jon-Paul Dowdell, Chef/Owner of Roaming Radish

Lisa Dupar, Owner/Chef of Lisa Dupar Catering

Tiffany Layco, Chef of Andaluca

Nathan Salter, Chef of The Westin Seattle

Sabrina Tinsley, Co-Owner and Chef of La Spiga

In the summer of 2013, we were thrilled to add four new chefs to our list:

Joe Labatt of Brave Horse Tavern.

Adrienne Chamberlain of Etta’s Seafood and Seatown Seabar and Rotisserie.

Wesley Shaw of Poppy.

Avalon Zanoni of Portage Bay Cafe in South Lake Union.

Pete Tobin, Chef Instructor at Inland Northwest Culinary Academy, Spokane Community College School of Culinary Arts

In 2012, we have gathered these chefs and restaurants to our Pledge:

Mashiko’s Sushi

The Pegasus Cafe

The Harbour Pub

Kevin & Teresa Davis, owners of Blueacre Seafood

Jim White, Chef and Senior Manager at Islandwood


Chris Linaman, Chef at Overlake Hospital Medical Center

Alex Mondau, Operations Manager at Agua Verde

Jess Dowell, Chef at Ca’Buni on Widbey Island

Kingfisher Restaurant and Wine Bar at Sleeping Lady Inn

In 2011, we gathered even more support for the mangroves and signed on the following restaurants!

Snoqualmie Casino

The Space Needle


The Chefs and Restaurants participating since 2010 include:

Rose Ann Finkel, Vice President of Pike Brewing Company

Greg Atkinson, Executive Chef at Restaurant Marche Bainbridge

Diane LaVonne, chef/owner of Diane’s Market Kitchen

Peter Birk, Executive Chef of BOKA Restaurant and Bar

John Sundstrom, chef/owner of Lark

Kevin Davis, chef/owner of Steelhead Diner

Adam Stevenson, Executive Chef at PRO Sports Club

Dustin Ronspies, chef/owner of Art of the Table

Dave Van Storm, Skillet Street Food

Erin Fetridge, owner of Stumbling Goat Bistro

Retail Store Outlets:

Puget Consumers Co-op, with ten stores open in the Seattle area. Check out PCC’s article on Sustainable Shrimp!

Madison Market, home to Seattle’s Central Co-op.


Question Your Shrimp is currently working with local retailers to switch from selling imported farmed shrimp to selling sustainably wild caught or farmed shrimp from the U.S. & Canada. Please check back frequently as we will be updating this list as more retailers sign our pledge.